Over exposure to the sun is the primary cause of premature aging of the skin. Excessive sun exposure is associated with skin cancers such as melanoma.

Back2Bronze offers a solution to achieve the confidence and enhanced mood one gets from suntanning without these serious risks! 




​​​​​​Preparing for your spray tan:

  • Exfoliate the day before 
  • Have all waxing done 2 days prior 
  • Shower the day of and do not apply any lotions, oils, makeup or deodorant
  • Avoid soaps containing Sodium Laurel Sulfate, as this ingredient leaves a film on the skin
  • If possible, wear dark, loose fitting clothing to your appointment
  • If you will be wearing undergarments or a bathing suit while being tanned, these should be dark too
  • Do not wear wool, silk, or nylon during or after your tan for at least eight hours as the DHA in our tanning solutions may stain these fabrics 

After your spray tan:

  • Wait at least an hour after your tan to apply any lotion or makeup PREFERABLY wait until after your next shower
  • Consult with your technician regarding the appropriate time to shower 
  • Avoid exfoliating during the first five days of your spray tan
  • Moisturize 2-3 times a day to enhance the longevity of your tan
  • If traveling or sunbathing, wear waterproof sunscreen
  • Avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals and acids as these products will speed up the exfoliation and shorten the length of your tan
  • Avoid any strenuous activity/sweating until after your first shower